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 *Statement of Values, Commitments and Philosophy*






Kindness over all!!!

Love – don’t waste it, our hearts can feel a lot so use it

Appreciate- life’s simplest things and moments every day, I can see walk and speak!

 Freedom- breathe!! I’m free!!

Respect- less impact in the steps that I take, considerate of that surrounding me

Accept – others even if they are crazier than me

Trust – a life without trust is not full

Hope – for healing..

Believe - karma

Feel-   anger, sadness, happiness, fear, euphoria are all ok

Help- explore the world and make my self useful

Live- welcome uncertainty fearlessly

 Be- just be me and let it be!

Inter-be.  I Care- the world is holding waaay more than me, learn, meet

Smile- even at worse there will be something that makes me smile because I’m still here!

Happiness- have fun






*Role- purpose –calling


I have no idea why I’m in this planet, what I’m doing or where I’m going. But I do hope to be part of a greater thing than my own good. I have great trust in the universe that I am here for a reason and hope that wherever this river takes me I will be part of something good and will be happy.







I am committed to this planet, to the people who are next to me every day and those who I will meet. I am committed to every animal, plant, mountain and ocean. I am committed to them because I have to; we share the same home. I am committed to living without affecting others. I am committed to being a good daughter! A good friend, partner and even a stranger.



 * Vision


 Life without art is very sad and limited, we can’t live abstained from our natural impulse to play and create. We need to explore our creativity and let it come out. Through art we can heal and be free. I am currently working on writing my artist statement for my senior final project; part of this was making a contract with myself as to what my life goal looks like. I have no idea where I’ll be a year from now; I don’t even know where I’ll be three days from now. I do know where I don’t want to be. I don’t want to live in a system were we have to struggle, I don’t want to live in a community were everyone is a stranger to each other and don’t care about the nature surrounding them. This is part of what I wrote for my contract:

“My life goal is not be a recognized artist or have my art hung in galleries for people to buy. I want to make art that reaches people who are not exposed to it.  I want to take art to people who have not let their artistic side be explored and guide them. I don’t want to be an art therapist, simply a helper to remind people the importance of keeping our creative side awake.”

I am aware of were the art materials I use come from, because a lot of them are very toxic I try to be as much eco friendly as possible. My primary medium is tempera paint so it’s not as toxic, but I am slowly transitioning to eco art and alternative paints such as natural dies as well as re-purposed and recycled materials.





* Philosophy


When I think about my life’s philosophy there is nothing concrete really, I don’t have a motto beside “take it day by day”. How ever I would say my life is spontaneous, I try to remember that everything happens for a reason so I don’t get attached, I try to give material things little importance, I want to be at peace, help others in any way possible, live a conscious life style and

Keep moving. Traveling is the best education one can have and I love it, there are so many places to see, so much beauty. Nature is amazing, I want good people to surround me and learn to overcome my fears.

 Just chill!





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.