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Self Actualizing Service, Senior Year

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An illustration of The Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow.



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Abraham Maslow defined the developmental height of human capacity in the term "Self Actualization." The term is used to describe an individual's slow maturation anchored by  to make themselves into their best versions; Self Actualization is hinged on the motive to realize one's full potential and to become what Maslow described as "fully human." (Goble 1970).


Today, self-actualization is one of the most prudent psychological theories of our time. In an era where the dominant culture has created such a steadfast illusion of security for the modern public, Erin sees the only answer is to celebrate techniques that create bridges between previously divided groups of humanity, and to place a sense of agency back in the hands of individuals. She prides herself on the new means of  constructing somatically-derived embodiment opportunities as a means to awaken our culturally-curbed physical compassion, empathy, and potential, and to paint it with broader strokes onto the habitually Western psyche, with an invitation for it to tremble. 







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      SASSY, or Self Actualizing Service Senior Year, is a model of engagement for an emerging college graduate to showcase learning, draw interdisciplanary connections, and promote their core values in action. 


Imagined by Erin Likins, this original manifestation of the SASSY! template is the culminating charge of Erin's psychological, linguistic and peace-promoting educations. Relying on intersectionality, interdisciplanary dialogues, and the necessity of innovation for post-modern leaders and policy shapers, this SASSY! portfolio works to combine Erin's unique fields of study into form made to resonate on our most common experience: living in a body.


Erin's SASSY! proect is a postmodern invitation into the field of somatic psychology, with a goal to help us better understand our shared identity as Western individuals. The 5 projects creating the original SASSY! all share themes of examining the marginalization of the body inherent in the development of Western culture, and question how we can locate this oppression in our physical form. SASSY!'s 5 projects share the root values of empowering the individual narrative as a means to understand -- and, with luck, transform -- our learned limitations of Western culture.




Erin's 5 SASSY! projects include:


2 Independent Studies,

Cultural Psychology and the Body -- an investigation of Western embodiment; and

Leadership, Advocacy & The Web -- an examination of postmodern leadership/engagement,  and its opportunities to facilitate cultural transformation


1 Thesis:

The yet-to-be-named culmination of the Independent Study focii, including a local investigation of the authors curiosities about Western embodiment and modern connection;


1 Intership and Event 

Following an internship with Watson scholar and "Sex Eq," or Sexual Equity Education, creator Katie Raitz, Erin's SASSY! will play host to a night of sex-and-body positive inclusive education, craft, and play. We'll have several student groups  Be sure to follow SASSY! on Facebook to watch for this Boulder event! 



1 Interview Series

Highlighting Boulder's body of bodies with powerful voices on the subjects of embodiment practices, cultural identity, and leadership in the 21st century. Interviewees include prominent voices of the Boulder community from CU, Naropa, and beyond. 





     Disclaimer: The SASSY! campaign makes no claims to create a direct portal to self-actualization. In truth, it is the reach therefore that draws the thing closer to ourselves. Many people find the work within SASSY! to be too broad, too far-reaching or -fetched, or worse impossibleSASSY! exists fearlessly in the face of doubt.






"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


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