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For additional help click on the 'Help?' button in the upper right hand corner of any Digication Window.


You can open this link to get our Digication Tutorial: 

Naropa Title III Digication Tutorial vMar2013.pdf


You can go to the Digication homepage for additional info:



And don't forget about the Digication Quickstart:

Digication Quickstart.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Uploading media (pictures, videos, and audio):


  1. Begin by clicking “Add a Module” on the desired page (i.e. About Me)
  2. Select the “Image/Video/Audio” module format and then click “Add This Module”
  3. Once this module is created select “Replace This Media”
  4. You may now select media from your own computer or from an online source

Note: In order to publish videos from online sources, like YouTube, you must            embed the HTML code not the web address. Under the “Media From Web” tab you will find a number of common online media sources with corresponding images, which indicate where to find the respective code. This image is, however, outdated for YouTube. In order to find the appropriate code on YouTube, select the “Share” tab under the desired video, and then select “Embed”. Now copy and paste the code.


    5. Click “Done” and be sure to publish your additions under the “Publish” tab

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.