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"Onward thru the fog." Oat Willie

Oat Willie is an Austin icon from the Golden Hippie Days


I've always appreciated Julia Cameron's work and have revisited it several times since I was first aware of it, in the early 90's. I wanted to have more socially engaged Artist's Dates, but mine were mostly with books.


Someone said to me once, "Writers write." I've always written, starting with my first diary at age nine. It was blue vinyl, with Barbie on it, and had a little lock and key. I have a diary, calendar, or journal for every year of my life, since that first little diary. They are getting to be a bit much to move around!


I hope to be published someday. I've several large pieces of work, disorganized as they are. I wrote for years about the family tragedy that happened in 1997. You can read one of the many first chapter attempts (I think there are nine of them) under Random Writings, titled Annual Death Walk.


I learned last year, from taking a series of neuro-psychological exams, that I have a highly disorganized mind. It's hard for me to create structure. I've compensated for this crazy brain by being a highly organized individual in my outer life. Putting a book together has just been beyond my capacities. Maybe someone with those talents will show up some day and we can join forces to get some of my writings in print. In the meantime, I have blogged quite a bit over the years (you can check out  www.jadebeaty.com, if you like). I've also discovered, through a writing class at Naropa, that I may be a poet - and didn't know it!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.