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Cowgirl Code of Barn Ethics


1)      Always leave things better than you found them.

2)      Return things to their proper place.

3)      Consider the entire herd in all decisions.

4)      Protect the very young and the very old.

5)      Treasure wisdom and pass it on.

6)      Remember what’s really important and stay flexible.

7)      Only make promises you can keep.

8)      Ask for help when you need it.

9)      Give back whenever you can.

10)  Stay calm and grounded, no matter what.

11)  Question authority; respect and support leadership.

12)  Share because it feels good.  (c) Jade Beaty 2013



I wrote this for our collective at the barn this summer (2013). We have riding

instructors, therapeutic and psychotherapeutic practitioners, boarders and residents in the house on the property. Sometimes it seems that everyone there is on a different page. I wanted to start moving toward a culture of cooperation, rather than competition, and offer a way to embody the prinicples of tantra at a barn! It's been an amazing learning place for me:

Horses Make Miracles.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.