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Photo by Maguire Photography, 2007


     It seems I'm always reinventing myself. I've gone through several cycles of death/rebirth and find myself here and now, at the age of 61, with a Self that I really like. I never placed much value on academic education, and am self-educated, but now that I'm at Naropa, I am enjoying the process of reviving my brain enough to do the work required. It is a challenge and a blessing in my life!


     If there were just a few words to describe me, those words might be renegade, lover, activist and mother. I have grandchildren, and want a world for them that is safe, abundant, intriguing and full of opportunity. It does not look like we are headed in that direction, and I want to help turn the tide, so to speak, in these next 20 years of so that I have left here.


     I've spent a lot of my professional life helping others make changes that empower and support all of who they are and can become. I sold residential real estate for many years, which offers another theme on change and security. For the last thirteen years, I've had a private practice in sexual and energetic healing, and have offered events and workshops that open the heart and cultivate presence with each other.


     My life outside the usual boxes of society has not been easy. My journey includes homelessness and chronic illness, but all along the way I've found ways to be of service and offer whatever I have, even if it's only a kind word or a touch of the hand. Because we are all in this together: I'm sure of that. We have many more similarities than differences and it is a delightful dance to get to know each other and share our paths.


     If you'd like to read more, here's a link to the eportfolio I did for my first year at Naropa, Fall 2011 - Spring 2012: First Year Seminar EPortfolio.


     I completed the second semester on the day of my 60th birthday, May 8th, 2012. The best birthday gift I got was my precious classmates singing Happy Birthday to me in their clear, youthful voices. I love them all so much! In Chinese astrology, this is my Water Dragon year, the completion of a 60 year journey through all elements and signs, and a return to my birth position. Perhaps now, I will learn to flow with fierceness!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.