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Dear Student,

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies! This is where you will create your e-portfolio while you are with us at Naropa University. Contained in this template you will

· A major declaration form
· A petition to add/change concentration (your fields of study)
· Your Learning Agreement form
· Information for your Mentors
· Interdisciplinary Studies resources
· Folders for each course you take at Naropa
· Folders to help you organize your thesis paper and project
· Among many other tools.

The best place to start is with your Major Declaration Form and your Learning Agreement as these are the foundations to your studies.


If you need help finding anything, or need new copies of any of the
information contained in this template please contact me.

Again, welcome to the department!


Best regards,


Lynn DiLorenzo

INTD Program Lead

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Here are links to websites and resources which you will find useful when structuring your INTD studies and getting started on research. Add to this list as you find your own resources.


Association for Integral Studies: http://www.units.muohio.edu/aisorg/

Library Research Database (to search online journals): http://www.naropa.edu/naropalibrary/databases.cfm



Mentor Signature Form: may be found here as well as in your Learning Agreement Folder under Mentoring then under Contracts.

Thesis Reader Form: May be found here as well as in your LA Folder under Mentoring and Contracts.

Learning Agreement Part VI: May be found here as well as in your LA Folder under Part VI Courses.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Welcome to INTD
Site Tree
Enter Your INTD
§ Major Declaration Form
§ INTD Goals and Learning Outcomes
§ INTD Dept Info
· INTD Contact List
§ Course Work
· Course Work Folder Overview
· Advanced Reading and Research
· Capstone
oStudent Capstone Assessment Departmental Goals and Outcomes
oStudent Capstone Assessment Personal Goals and Outcomes
· Directed Reaching and Research
oApplication for Honors DRR
oDirected Reading Syllabus
oDirected Research Syllabus
· Field A Course Work
· Field B Course Work
· Field C Course Work
· Gateway
· Special Topics A
· Special Topics B
§ Learning Agreement
· LA Folder Overview
· LA 2009 Revised
· Learning Agreement Sections
oPart I: Thesis Topic Proposal
§ Topic and Thesis Proposal Overview
oPart II: Disciplines, Methods and Definitions
§ Disciplines, Methods and Definitions Overview
oPart III: Independent Studies, Consortia, Travel and Internships
§ Independent Studies, Consortia, Travel, Internships Overview
oPart VI: Assessment
§ Capstone Assessment Overview
§ Gateway Assessment Overview
oPart V: Mentors
§ Mentoring Overview
§ Mentoring
· Assessment
oMentoring Update Assessment Form for Mentors
oMentoring Update Form for Students
· Contracts
oINTD Thesis Reader Contract
oMentor Signature Form
· Documents
§ Mentoring and Contemplative Education Elements
oPart VI: Courses
§ Courses Overview
oPart VII: Annotated Bibliographies and Reading List
§ Annotated Bibliographies and Reading List Overview
§ Annotated Bibliographies
§ Reading List
oPart VIII: Project
§ Project Overview
oPart IX: Copies of Learning Agreement
§ Copies of LA and Addenda Process Overview
§ INTD Resources
· INTD Resource Folder Overview
§ Journal
· Journal Folder Overview
· Logs
· Logs Folder Overview
· Academic Support
· Advising
· Civic Engagement
· CoCurricular
Learning Experiences
· Mentoring
· Writing Center
§ Research
· Research Folder Overview
· Thesis
· Thesis Folder Overview
· Grade Form
o Thesis Assessor Form
· Project
· Research

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.