DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Courses Designed and Taught

Naropa University



Civic Engagement Seminar

Coming to Voice

Community-based Learning and Action

Conflict Transformation: Theory & Practice

Creative Writing & Literature

Dialogue & the Art of Peacemaking

First-Year Seminar

Gender, Politics & Social Change

Healing Strategies in Literature

Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies

Journey to the Source

Nonviolence: Theory & Practice

Peace Studies Internship

Peace Studies Senior Project

Skills for Peacebuilding: Leadership, Restorative Justice and Dialogue

The Socially Engaged Imagination

Socially Engaged Spirituality

Spiritual Models of Social Action

Women, Feminism & Peacemaking

The Writer’s Craft

Writing & the Inquiring Mind


—Some of these courses were collaboratively designed and taught, such as “Journey to the Source,” “Healing Strategies in Literature,” and “Crossing Borders: The First-Year Seminar.”


Some were build on earlier iterations of a similar course, such as “Spiritual Models of Social Action,” and some are the ancestors of courses currently offered with new names and addresses (course numbers).



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.